Five Must Have Books for Auto Repair and Maintenance

By October 20, 2016Books

There are a ton of auto repair books available. Before you choose to purchase one, you need to know exactly what you’re looking for, whether it is how to use a car jack correctly, or how to rebuild your engine, in order to choose the correct book. Here are the best five auto repair books available in no particular order.

Auto Repair for Dummies: This is your basic go-to manual for people who are not at all familiar with any type of auto repair. All too often people are at a loss at where to begin when dealing with auto maintenance. Not everything needs to be done at the same time, and certain things need to be maintained at different time periods. This book is so user friendly that you can take it out to the garage with you while you begin your auto repair projects.

Haynes Manual: This book is also very user friendly. Unlike Auto Repair for Dummies, this book goes into a bit more detail, and also has very helpful illustrations to help you while you perform auto maintenance. Haynes Manual offers instructions and illustrations for auto maintenance projects that are a bit more complex than Auto Repair for Dummies. I would say this is a book that is not for complete beginners to the auto repair and maintenance world.

Automotive Service: This book covers inspection and maintenance in great depth and detail. Automotive Service teaches you how to look for tell tale signs that there are problems with your vehicle so that you can stay ahead of the problem. In addition to identifying problems with your vehicle, Automotive Service goes into extreme, explicit detail on how to fix these problems. Automotive Service is a great book to have handy to stay on top of your auto maintenance issues before they truly become a problem.

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Auto Repair
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auto Repair: While this title sounds similar to Auto Repair for Dummies, it is a bit more advanced. While Auto Repair for Dummies covers basic auto maintenance, such as how to use a car jack properly, and how to change your oil, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auto Repair goes into more in depth projects and complicated auto problems, such as how to rebuild your car engine. The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auto Repair also goes into great detail about how to diagnose certain issues that you are unaware of, and how to get to identify the source of the problem. So your vehicle is making a strange noise and you can’t tell where it is coming from? The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Auto Repair is definitely the book you need on hand.

Chilton Online: I do not recommend this book to non-professionals or beginners. Chilton Online auto repair books have probably been around longer than any others. These are the books that most mechanics use (hence the not for beginners comment). Chilton Online has many different books available depending on your specific need, as well as the specific brand of vehicle you are working on.

If you’re trying to repair your auto, not only you need these auto repair books, but a few necessary tools. Check the here to find more information.

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